• 3D Application Development

    We develop high performance real-time 3D solutions, suited for embedded systems. Keywords: Automotive, Computer Vision (ML/DL), Product Configuration Assistants.

  • 3D Actor & Creature Workshop

    We create digital actors and futuristic creatures based on photo-real or concept reference. Keywords: Modern Entertainment and Serious Business Applications, Motion Pictures.

  • 3D Hyper-real Worlds

    We build stunning virtual worlds for computer vision (sensor simulations), VFX (motion pictures) and interactive visualizations (product configuration assistants).

  • 3D Product Development

    We support creators in bringing their ideas to life by designing products in 3D with industry standard file formats for CAD/CAM and 3D Printing applications.

  • Visual Effects for Commercials

    We stage products and design fantastic commercials. Either for the use in real-time 3D applications (smart commercials) or as finalized shot for print, TV or web applications.

  • Visual Effects for Motion Pictures

    We support film-makers by delivering top notch shots including the simulation and rendering of physical principles, starting at real world materials, stormy oceans, smashing buildings or burning asteroids passing earths atmosphere.

  • Visual Effects for Film-Makers

    We support experienced film-makers by offering mentor programs for the integration of a professional VFX pipeline for their upcoming projects.

  • Visual Effects for Individuals

    We offer hands-on VFX programs for individuals who want to take a closer look behind the scenes of modern Digital Content Creation (DCC) pipelines for motion pictures.