Lateral thinking and passion for knowledge transfer

This is the RD|I Experience: We are a young company, founded in late 2011 within the black forest area, with an international team of computer graphics specialists, mathematicans and physicists who build a special place where forward-looking projects will get their well deserved room to become reality. We at RD|INNOVATIONS support individuals and companies during their journey through the so called Digital Transformation with all facets like Industry 4.0, Internet of Things as well as Artifical Intelligence coupled with the broad field of advanced computer graphics including high end digital image processing and trend technologies.

We sell our Know-How

At the beginng of our journey in terms of a strategic partnership, right when we start off with market analysis and conceptual design, we think about the end result. It is important for us that the vision which we transform into a product or service is suited with great innovative as well as market potential. To ensure the beforehand mentioned characteristics we defined a foundation composed of core attributes which gives us figuratively a framework full of potential. Our first corner stone let us view the solution from a pedagogical as well as cultural point of view to inject a additional value. In terms of longevity of a project we ensure that possible solutions are highly scalable to be able for trend adoption in terms of hardware – especially in the sectors high performance realtime 3D graphics, Augumented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for industrial applications.

Another important cornerstone for us is that the concept of the underlying project with regards to the contents and structurally feature high market potential and how the strategic partners company benefits the most, especially if the development of a new deployable or cloud software-application is required. Therefore we build a strong connection between the strategic partner and us. Building on that we offer more than just technical terminology and promising technologies but also a goal-oriented analysis how the strategic partners company can benefit from upcoming trends to increase productivity and being more successful in a competitive environment through the gained dynamic and flexibility.

We offer more than plain 1 offer and 1 services – pay additional bits, we at RD|INNOVATIONS deliver economical as well as living services and long lasting product life-cycles who make someone elses life better!

Competence in 3D – A journey through the art and science of computer graphics

When it comes to the point of 3D visualization – we hold all the aces. With over more than a decade professional production experience with offline- and realtime-rendering techniques in fields like AAA video games development, feature film visual effects and industrial visualisation we are able to bring futuristic ideas, extra-ordinary animations or immersive movies to life.

We are aware that photorealistic 3D visualisations come to the fore in various applications within markets like aerospace, automotive, entertainment, education, industry, medical, public sector. One of our key competences is applied sciences in advanced computer graphics, especially in the field physically based rendering algorithms which allow us to create tailor-made solutions for each market which was mentioned above. The process of creating photorealistic renders is not only covered by high performance frameworks but also work made by human observers, because the term reality varies from observer to obersver. Therefore it is important to count on a team who is able to create high performance 3D solutions including a proper user interface besides stunning visual quality of the used assets as well as understand the strategic partners point of view with their respective perception grade of reality.

Our work ethic is our key USP

Our work and private habits drive us constantly to a better company and positive human beings


    Even with short deadlines we always remember that our work contributes to positive emotions. Therefore we maintain and live a positive attitude, which keeps us focused on delivering excellent work.


    The term quality is not a vague concept for us. Actually we define it, we learn how to produce it and we measure it in all possible forms. For us, quality is essential to meet – and in the final stage exceed, our clients’ expectations.


    Trust is for us an essential basis. We spare no efford to ensure that our clients obtain the reliability that they need in quality, time and budgets. Top notch tools, processes and legal means are in place to ensure that the IP which is entrusted to us is perfectly protected.


    Delivering excellent quality starts at first with an excellent team! Many solutions require different ways of thinking. Therefore we regularly measure our performance and implement long-term improvement strategies to deliver on our promise of being one of the best in the CGI industry.


    There are so many moving parts in a digital production, it is critical for a customer to be fully informed and confident on the status of a project. Therefore we believe in proactive communication to avoid expensive mistakes.


    Our ambition is much higher than just obtaining approval as well as payment of milestones. We constantly learn how we can refine our services after each project in order to become and remain our clients partner of choice.