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Digital Transformation starts with flexible ways of thinking

For Digital Transformation including various facets like artificial intelligence which covers machine learning or better deep learning algorithms and the outcoming Industry 4.0 in strong combination with digital image processing and computer generated imagery, it is necessary to understand that the implementation of such a technolgy within a company starts by planting figuratively a seet inside the minds of employees and managers. The process of digitalization usually starts by building a flexible mindset and understanding if a technology makes real sense to adopt. If technologies are implemented in a company but employees or managers cross over a tailor made service – there will be a lack of productivity and a cost increase.

Therefore we support individuals and companies within our knowledge transfer division in terms of professional and production-related consulting, tailor-made personal development trainings and state-of-the-art lectures in areas like Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 as well as latest applied researches within advanced computer graphics and digital image processing to ensure that employers, employees and entrepreneurs are up to date. For particular areas of operation we offer crash-courses – lasting several days – in a beautiful environment within the famous black forest area.

The future belongs to carismatic communicators with high sense of technical knowledge which can transform abstract and futuristic concepts into real projects.

  • Computergraphics for entertainment applications

    You have the latest software as well as hardware technologies within your company but based on uncertainties they are not used up to their fullest potential? It is time to get in touch with us. We inspire you and your employees, teach you up to your fullest potential and energize your self-motivation in different core areas:

    • Basic up to in-depth understanding of professional CGI production pipelines in the VFX industry.
    • Special operations like asset based workflows with decentral teams supported by international outsourcing.
    • Tailor-made software trainings for industry standard DCC applications.

    Furthermore, we offer – you, your employees based on your needs – individual training units for the latest top notch software solutions!

    If you find your interests within these lines – please, feel free to contact us to book a workshop and to get more informations! We are pleased to help you becoming the industry professional you want.

  • Computergraphics for serious business applications

    Serious business applications have their special requirements for digital part creation. If you develop parts for injection molding or 3D printing, each process has its own workflow. We dive deep into the world of CAD/CAM construction workflows to generate a base for upcoming digital construction classes:

    • Basic up to in-depth understanding of CAD/CAM digital contruction processes for mechanical engineering.
    • Special operations like multi-part constructions coupled with simulations and rendering techniques.
    • Tailor-made software trainings for industry standard CAD/CAM applications.

    Also in our serious business division we offer – you, your employees based on your and your company needs – individual training units for the latest construction softwares and update training units for industry standard construction software from Autodesk!

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